5 Charming Flower Boxes for Your Loved Ones

Flowers are a great way of bestowing your love and expressing emotions. It’s like saying a million beautiful, heartfelt things without uttering a word. Flowers, flower bouquets and flower boxes make exceptional gifting concepts. They are a great conversation starter, an easy way to say you care and a warm expression of love. Flowers also freshen up the mind and signify regard, which makes them perfect for formal settings too. If you still have not decided your Diwali gift for that special someone, here are 5 best gifting ideas by TFC.

1. Classic Grande with Tea Cake

‘Classic Grande’ belongs to the ‘Gifting Edit’ range by The Flower Company. As the name suggests, this flower box is ideal for gifting. It comes in a beautiful tiffany blue box with flowers such as rose and carnation. This box not only looks good and smells delightful too; plus it makes an excellent home decor item too. One can easily choose from the following themes of flowers: bright hues, pastel palette, and white and red. This pack also features a soft, fruity and buttery tea cake that melts in your mouth.

2. Classic Grande with Chocolates

This ‘Classic Grande’ too is a part of the ‘Gifting Edit’. One may choose the theme of the flowers – bright hues, pastel palette or white and red; even the color of the box can be customised as per your loved one’s liking. Along with beautifully arranged roses, one gets a box of delicious Belgian chocolates and mouth-watering chocolate-chip cookies. All these properties make this box a hit during the festive season.

3. Metallic Heart – Classic Grande

A little bit of bling can never hurt anyone, especially during the festive season. Ditch the ordinary, basic bouquets and give this luxurious one a go. It features a gorgeous mix of plain and metallic roses. One gets combos such as black and white, gold and pink, gold and red and silver and white to choose from. The boxes for flowers can also be matched perfectly to the flowers.

4. Tulips Bunch

Tulip flower arrangements can be exceptionally beautiful. These flowers look fancy – whether they are in a luxury box or sitting in a vase. Tulips stand out on their own, hence no need to mix them with other flowers. This bunch comes in a classic bouquet style and is perfect for the die-hard bouquet lovers. Tulips are a sign of welcoming and celebrationand hence are perfect for Diwali as well as other festivals. This box lets you select carefully picked tulips in the beautiful shades of pink, white or yellow.

5. Exotic Mix – Crystal Grande

With ‘Crystal Grande’ it gets as grand as possible! This product features a high-quality transparent box and a rich mix of daisies, carnations, hydrangeas and lilies. Just a sight of this combo can evoke your desires. Choose from bright hues, pastels or red family.

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