How to Choose the Right Roses for Every Occasion

“A rose speaks silently in a language known only to the heart.”

Roses are probably everyone’s first choice when it comes to gifting flowers, bouquets or floral boxes. The petals of this alluring flower are velvety soft and emanate a heavenly scent. Roses are loved and adored by everyone but it’s a good idea to keep some tips in mind while choosing them. Let’s explore the right meanings of different roses and how to pick the best flower gift box.

1. Peach

A bouquet of peachy prettiness can be used to thank someone. It also signifies genuineness and gratitude. Closing a business deal? Pick peach colored roses as they are best-suited for formal occasions. You can comfort someone who’s going through a rough patch with peachy roses as they indicate sympathy too.

2. Red

A red rose – the most classic and classiest way to say you’re in love with someone. A red rose strongly depicts passion, true love, romance and desire. A bouquet of red roses may be presented to brides as it signifies marital bliss. Red roses are gifted as a sign of appreciation and respect, too. Rich red roses are definitely the best choice for your significant other. Need we say why?

3. Pink

The color pink is universally associated with femininity, elegance and sweetness. Hence, pink roses signify all these beautiful features. When it comes to pink, different hues deliver different emotions. For example, the dark or hot pinks convey gratitude and are a great way to say ‘thank you’. On the other hand, lighter pinks convey grace, gentleness and happiness.

4. White

White roses do not necessarily signify bad news. They are mostly used to signify innocence, purity and youthfulness. White colored roses are used extensively in white weddings for they indicate young love and eternal loyalty. They also symbolize new beginnings and everlasting love.

5. Yellow

Friendship, joy and care – that’s yellow roses for you! Along with warmth, delight and affection, these yellow fellows signify good wishes. Is it the time to welcome someone back or want someone to remember you? Pick a flower gift box with yellow roses. It goes without saying, these cheerful flowers can perk up anyone’s gloomy day.

6. Black

Black roses are used mostly at funerals but that’s not their only job. Believe it or not, black roses stand for new beginnings and changes in life. They also bring a sense of hope and courage to the receiver’s life. These are a sure-shot way to every die-hard black lover’s heart too.

7. Orange

Want to say “I am so proud of you” without uttering a word? Just send them a classy flower box loaded with orange colored roses. On stressful days, keep orange roses in your sight and watch your mood elevate.

8. Green

Freshness, growth, new life – the green colored roses portray them all. They also show fertility and creativity. This pleasing color also helps one stabilise their mind. When you want to surprise or please someone, a bouquet of green roses would do the trick.

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