Luxury Flower Boxes are the New Bouquets!

The idea of gifting flowers is not new – neither to you nor to us. But, it is definitely timeless and has evolved wonderfully with time. Basic bouquets have become a thing of past – and that’s why we recommend moving towards more meaningful and aesthetically pleasing flower boxes.

‘Flower boxes’ offer uniquely and stunningly arranged luxury flowers in an equally beautiful box. These boxes ooze grace and beauty, hence possess an excellent gifting value. Another not-to-be-missed beauty is that these flowers stay fresh for a long, long time. Isn’t that the cherry on the cake? If you’re tempted to grab these beauties – either to impress someone special or just pamper yourself – find out which flowers would be the best choice.

Carnations are the perfect example of nature’s artwork and they symbolise love and fascination. When we think of flowers, we cannot miss out on roses at all, especially red roses. These flowers please all the senses and express hope, new beginnings and, of course, eternal love. For good wishes, respect and forgiveness, tulips are perfect. Plus, these bulbous flowers are beautifully fragrant.

Another luxurious and fragrant option is lilies. They symbolise innocence and humility and create a wonderful look when mixed and matched with other luxurious flowers. If you wish to cheer someone up or just wish to add a lovely dash of color, daisies are perfect for you. This sweet smelling flower is the inspiration behind many popular perfumes, owing to its aromatic nature.

‘The Flower Company’ offers all these stunning options and more in various shapes and sizes. The offerings are so irresistible that you might wish to keep the products to yourself.  All the flowers at TFC are handpicked with delicate and utmost care, beautifully crafted to suit your personal desires. The flower arrangements reach you in a way similar to & as romantic as a pigeon post in the olden times. When looking for luxury flowers in India or flowers in a box, look no further than these beauties. Trust us, you won’t be able to get over these #PoetryInABox anytime soon.