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The Flower Company Tale

Each milestone, each relationship, every kind of bond calls for a unique celebration.
A celebration of moments and emotions that are just blooming, even celebrating those that have already blossomed. For such moments, there are luxury flower arrangements by The Flower Company.
Aesthetically appealing to the eye, these flower arrangements mark the strength of a bond, bring out the butterfly-blushed smile of an 18-year-old girl, highlight the rouge on a mother’s face when she hears from her distant son. These flowers laden this moment with beauty, luxury and panache and evoke a part of you that only poetry can do justice to.

The Flower Company birthed from this ardent need to make a moment, any special such moment, between individuals, look as beautiful as it feels – An ethereal gifting solution.

Once you have experienced this picturesque luxury, you’ll know it feels like gifting or receiving



John Lennon, amongst the beautiful words & sounds he left us with, also made one fleeting comment that stayed with us “Love is the answer, & you know that for sure. Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.”
In that simple line… lies the essence of Experience at The Flower Company. Each different kind of love deserves to grow – and flowers form this very symbol. The evolution of a relationship, be it friendly or professional or romantic. The TFC flower arrangements are the epitome of grace, beauty & luxury. Not just the design of the arrangement, but the effervescence & aroma along with the visual satisfaction one receives when gifted this #PoetryInABox is unparalleled.

All the flowers at TFC are handpicked with delicate and utmost care, beautifully crafted to suit your personal desires. Personalized arrangements customized according to your taste, with impeccable aesthetic value. Variety is something that is at the core of our company & we offer to you the rarest, most exquisite flowers. Without much care needed for the product, the flowers stay fresh for a long, long time and continue to keep alive your love for the finer things in life. The flower arrangements reach you in a way similar to & as romantic as a pigeon post in the olden times.

It’s time to discover The Flower Company experience, go ahead and gift someone #PoetryInABox.

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Custom-made bespoke flower arrangements that will exceed your expectations.
Get TFC flowers customized by adding patterns, symbols, letters & much more!

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getaways – the list is endless and so are the TFC offerings. Please contact us on 9811633189 to know more.